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Active Aging Foundation

The Active Aging Foundation was established to raise funds to support the programs and services of Active Aging Inc. As a regional agency on aging, Active Aging Inc. receives most of its funding from the Department of aging Pennsylvania through allocations from state lottery funds. , but it was recognized early on that the development of additional funds from other sources would be necessary for Active Aging to fulfill its mission. In fact, raising additional funds was seen as essential to enable the agency to keep pace with the highest level and quality of services and facilities needed to meet the needs of current and future residents of Crawford County. who live in Crawford County.

Two of the causes we are currently fundraising for are PAWS (Pets Assistance & Wellness for Seniors) and our home medical supplies program. Through PAWS, we provide an additional monthly supply of pet food and assistance with veterinary expenses that may be deferred due to lack of money to pay for them.

The Home Medical Supplies Program strives to meet the needs of seniors who require nutritional supplements and incontinence supplies. Most of the services provided by Active Aging are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, but the provision of these supplies is not. The supplies that have been provided previously are nutritional supplements and incontinence supplies. The Pennsylvania Department of Aging notified Active Aging Inc. that its funding provided under the Senior Citizens of America Act would be reduced. The primary reason for the reduction is that Crawford County’s most recent census population data does not support previous funding levels. No other Department of Aging program funds this service for those who do not receive medical assistance, which is why the agency started the program many years ago.

The foundation accepts donations and actively raises funds for these and other programs offered by Active Aging Inc. Please contact the foundation for more information and to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of your older neighbors in the Crawford County.

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