The Red Cross says there is a critical need for blood


You may be surprised to learn that there is currently a national blood shortage. I hadn’t heard of it until I visited the American Red Cross website this week. As you can imagine, the pandemic has a lot to do with it.

I spoke this week with Kelly Isenor, spokesperson for the American Red Cross in Massachusetts. She told me that the national blood crisis is real and the national Red Cross blood inventory is down to a one-day supply.

Isenor said fewer people have been donating blood since the pandemic began. It’s understandable that people don’t want to leave their homes to donate blood, but the Red Cross and Governor Charlie Baker believe blood donations are essential.

Isenor said Red Cross staff members are well trained on how to handle COVID. All wear masks and practice social distancing.

Another problem is that of personnel. Some Red Cross staff and volunteers may be sick or caring for someone who is sick, forcing some collection sites to close.

Isenor asks potential blood donors to make an appointment beforehand. Blood donor information and a schedule of upcoming blood drives are available at

of Isenor town square sunday listen to the interview here:

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