The Emerald Corp. Closes $2M Funding Round and Launches Emerald Nutraceutical


COMMACK, NY – March 1, 2022 – (

The Emerald Corp. was launched in 2018 by founding members Michael Garcia and Stevens Adonis. The company has since generated more than $15 million in sales and expanded its distribution to 3,000 stores in the United States and abroad. Emerald recently closed a $2 million financing round in exchange for common stock in the company. The agreement will also provide a $2 million line of credit that Emerald plans to use to ensure a steady supply of raw materials during this time of global supply chain disruption. Emerald will use the product to increase its manufacturing capabilities and expand its marketing efforts. Emerald will make major upgrades to its Commack plant, including the installation of several fully automated production lines for liquid products as well as packaging equipment for edible products like gummies, chocolates and baked goods.

Along with this capital increase, Emerald Corp. simultaneously launched Emerald Nutraceutical. This arm will focus solely on the manufacture and distribution of food supplements in liquid and edible form. In 2020, Emerald Corp. has released a variety of private label supplements containing popular ingredients like functional mushrooms as well as a plethora of herbal extracts. Due to regulatory boundaries that persist in the CBD space, Emerald has elected to separate the two entities. This will allow Emerald Corp. to continue to focus on alternative cannabinoid products while “Emerald Nutra” will expand new revenue streams in the burgeoning functional supplement space. Emerald Nutra will offer a diverse selection of house brands with products such as:

  • Functional snacks (chocolate, baked goods, gummies)
  • Functional Mushroom Extracts (Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail and more)
  • Herbal extracts (ashwagandha, turmeric, ginger root, elderberry, valerian and more)
  • vitamins
  • Function-specific formulas (digestion, sleep, energy, brain health, heart health)
  • Skin care/cosmeceuticals

Emerald manufactures and distributes a variety of brands including Naturefine+, SMACK’D, Drops of Nature, Fuji Nutrition, PlusShrooms, Hemp Emu, Nature’s RX and more. Aiming for national distribution in convenience stores, Emerald Nutra is entering the space with two new product lines that it will launch in the C-Store channel in April 2022.

Stronger snacks – a range of high protein chocolate snacks with 13g of protein and no sugar alcohols.
forward function – a selection of function-specific liquid shots that support immune health, libido and brain function.

About Emerald Corp.

The Emerald Corp. is a full-service manufacturer and distributor of alternative health products based in Long Island, New York. As a comprehensive source of branded and private label products across many verticals in the natural products market, the Emerald team has over a decade of experience navigating newly regulated and emerging markets. Emerald’s core competency is the formulation and manufacturing of supplements in ingestible and topical formats. Emerald entered the natural supplement market in 2018 with a line of products containing CBD (cannabidiol). With some uncertainty surrounding the regulatory climate for cannabis, Emerald has continued to diversify into other areas of the natural products market. With an R&D team led by Chief Chemist, Dr. Talha Parveez, Ph.D., Emerald has developed over 200 formulations combining trend and function-specific formulas. These botanical supplements have contributed to a significant increase in sales in 2021 and created exciting new opportunities. Follow Emerald @emeraldnutra on Instagram.

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The Emerald Corp. Closes $2M Funding Round and Launches Emerald Nutraceutical

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