The best cash loan in October 2015

Car repair, new home equipment, or maybe buying winter fuel? Regardless of the purpose for which you want to get extra money, a cash loan will help you realize all your plans.

If you meet all the requirements for the borrower, you will receive cash within one day. Debt of this type does not require many formalities and in this respect may even resemble the commitments offered in loan companies.

Bank credit

A cash loan is a service thanks to which you can easily repair your budget. Apart from a correctly completed application, the bank will only require you to provide a statement of stable earnings, sufficient creditworthiness and good credit history. Unlike other debts, a loan for any purpose has very simplified procedures. The form that you must complete contains questions regarding only your basic data such as: name, surname, PESEL number, date of birth, place where you live, amount of debt you are applying for and phone number.

By submitting an online application, you will have even faster access to money and favorable contract terms. A bank employee will contact you as soon as possible presenting an offer in accordance with your possibilities. An additional advantage of online loans is the opportunity to take advantage of the promotion, thanks to them you will pay for your debt by up to several percent.

Best deals in October

We currently recommend two offers that offer very low interest rates and a minimum of additional fees. This is especially important if you want to avoid unpleasantness when repaying your loan. It is worth taking care of it before signing the contract and, among others use the current debt ranking or loan calculators. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, comparing your debts will take you just a few minutes.

This month, Loan and Credit Bank and Goodbank products stand out. Below is a brief description of these cash loans for everyone who is still looking for an offer that meets their criteria.

5% loan with guarantee

  • Interest rate – 5.00%

  • Commission – 0.00%

  • The maximum repayment period – 120 months

  • Offer only for persons over 21 years of age

Annual bonus loan

  • Interest rate – 5.00%

  • Commission – 3.00%

  • Maximum repayment period – 96 months

  • The borrower is required to provide a statement of earnings

Choose a loan knowingly

Never decide on a contract that is unfavorable to you and does not meet your conditions. A loan is a service that you use and pay for, remember that as a bank customer you must first of all take care of your business and ensure the best prospects for both receiving additional funds and repaying them.

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