The 8 Best Beetroot Supplements for Improving Heart Health, Energy, and Fighting Inflammation


Beets are one of the most vibrant (and healthiest) vegetables around. This incomparable red color, the instant sugar boost, beets are a natural energy booster that can help with endurance. Rich in healthy nitrates, beets promote better blood circulation and help fight inflammation. Because of their circulatory benefits, beets are also believed to help increase endurance and performance for workouts. They’re also naturally high in nutrients and fiber, making them great for your overall health.

At SPY, we know how difficult it is to try to fit all the right nutrients into your daily diet, but taking vitamins and supplements every day makes it easier to achieve a well-balanced and healthy routine. Adding beetroot supplements will help you get all of the aforementioned benefits without having to prepare and consume beets on a daily basis.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best beetroot supplements to improve your daily vitamin and supplement routine. Our selections come in deliciously chewy powders, pills and chewing gums so you can choose to consume them however you want.

1. KOS organic beet root powder

Mix this organic beet root powder in water, juice or smoothies for great antioxidant effects. It can also be used as a natural food coloring or as a supplement to baked goods and other dishes. This 12.7 ounce offers about 90 servings, giving you about three months of health benefits.

KOS organic beet root powder

KOS organic beet root powder

Buy: KOS Organic Beet Root Powder $ 24.98 (Orig. $ 29.99) 17% off

2. Beetroot Gummies with Magnesium and Vitamin C

This formula contains 300 mg of natural red beets, 30 mg of vitamin C and 36 mg of magnesium for a great immune boost and healthy for the heart. They are delicious, gelatin-free, peanut-free, GMO-free, gluten-free and easy to take on a daily basis.

Beet Root Gummies with Magnesium & Vitamin C

Beetroot Gummies with Magnesium and Vitamin C

Buy: Beet Root Gummies with Magnesium & Vitamin C $ 24.95

3. BeetElite Herbal Pre-Workout Endurance Supplement

Extra rich in vitamins and minerals, these non-GMO pure beet powder sachets are made with no artificial flavors, added sugar or synthetic colors. In jWith just one packet, you will get all the benefits of 80 teaspoons of fresh beets, helping to boost recovery and endurance in training. This product has a natural black cherry flavor, making it a delicious pre-workout supplement to add to your diet.

BeetElite Herbal Pre-Workout Endurance Supplement

BeetElite Herbal Pre-Workout Endurance Supplements

Buy: BeetElite Herbal Pre-Workout Endurance Supplement $ 24.95

4. Food supplement with organic fermented beetroot Dr. Mercola

If you prefer your vegetables in capsule form, this 60-piece fermented beet supplement provides 15 mg per serving (2 capsules) of healthy nitrates without the high sugar content. It further promotes healthy nitric oxide function to improve mental focus and boost energy. With the recommended dosage of two capsules per day, this pack provides approximately a month’s supply.

Food supplement with organic fermented beetroot Dr. Mercola

Food supplement with organic fermented beetroot Dr. Mercola

Buy: Dietary supplement of organic fermented beets Dr. Mercola $ 17.97

5. HumanN SuperBeets Heart Chews

These HumanN chewing hearts provide a healthy dose of heart healthy energy. Formulated with 150 mg of grape seed extract and 500 mg of the brand’s premium non-GMO beetroot powder, they additionally help support normal blood pressure. Each pack contains 60 chewy candies (30 servings) for a full month.

HumanN SuperBeets Chewable Heart

HumanN SuperBeets Chewable Heart

Buy: HumanN SuperBeets Heart Chews $ 39.95

6. Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Shot

This natural beet nitrate supplement delivers 400 mg of nitrates through concentrated beet juice. It works to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to organs and muscles to increase endurance and reduce exercise fatigue. With this order you will receive 15 individually bottled shots of 100% natural non-GMO beat juice.

Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Shot

Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Shot

Buy: Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Shot $ 49.99

7. Human SuperBeets Circulation Superfood

This powdered supplement, also from HumanN, contains five ounces of pure fermented beets to help improve blood circulation and is a natural energy booster. Made with tiny concentrated beetroot crystals, this supplemented superfood is non-GMO and made in the USA. It is also enhanced with a black cherry flavor to sweeten your smoothie or glass of water.

SuperBeets - Circulation Superfood

SuperBeets – Circulation Superfood

8. I can’t beet

This potent pack of pure beet juice is a great natural pre-workout supplement. With high quality natural ingredients, this supplement is best taken 30 minutes before your workout for a little extra energy boost. Two copious spoons are enough.

I can't beet this

I can’t beet this

Buy: Cannot beet this $ 54.95

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