Store shelves are emptying due to supply chain issues


The shelves of grocery stores in southern Colorado appear more empty than usual due to supply chain issues. Executives at Save A Lot in Colorado Springs say they have learned a lot since the start of 2020 on how to pivot in a new direction when supplies are low.

Two of their biggest challenges, they say, have been trying to overstock popular items and forging new relationships with suppliers to make sure they stay in stock.

“Sometimes we don’t have a lot of alternative sourcing on things, so that was an area where we had challenges coming up with manufacturing processing and things, and so we had to start new relationships with people. people to complete some of these and customers wouldn’t experience a gap, ”said Gabe Disbrow, president and chief operating officer of the company.

Overall, they feel confident in the job they’ve done to keep the items on their shelves for their customers.

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the positive response from the community and customer base in recognition of the efforts sourcing teams and source staff and everyone else are making to ensure that we stay in stock as much as possible,” Disbrow said. .

The company says it is also paying close attention to new variants of COVID-19 that could negatively impact the supply chain in the future.

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