Report: Sony will continue to produce PS4s until 2022 to compensate for PS5 supply issues


After a year of strong sales, despite supply chain issues and chip shortages caused by the ongoing pandemic, Sony is reportedly looking to produce one million PS4s this year, Bloomberg reports.

Since the PS5 launched in November 2020, it’s notoriously hard to find. When it launched, scalpers were selling the coveted device for up to double its suggested retail price. Its scarcity is unlikely to end anytime soon, as analysts suspect the current shortage will last until at least the end of 2022. Sources told Bloomberg that the Japanese conglomerate will adjust the original number of one million consoles depending on demand.

Earlier reports suggested that Sony would stop or slow down production of the PS4 towards the end of 2021. In a comment to Bloomberg, a Sony spokesperson confirmed that production of the PS4 would continue this year and denied that Sony had never intended to end production, saying the PS4 is “one of the best-selling consoles of all time and there is always a cross between the generations.” The Sony and PlayStation release timeline has corroborated this, as the majority of the PlayStation proprietary games released since the launch of the PS5 are also playable on their next-gen console, like the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West. This represents a change from previous discussions, where games like Horizon Forbidden West were only going to be for current gen consoles.

These continued shortages could also cause problems for the upcoming PS VR2, which Sony announced earlier this month at CES. PlayStation’s next-gen VR headset is currently billed to only work with the PS5, meaning that a limited supply of PS5 could hamper the headset’s success.

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