Queensland Pacific Metals Ltd signs MoU for hydrogen supply with Edify Energy Pty Ltd


This demonstrates QPM’s commitment to making the TECH project a world leader in ESG benchmarks for critical battery metal production.

Queensland Pacific Metals Ltd (ASX: QPM) has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with Edify Energy Pty Ltd for the supply of green hydrogen from Edify’s large-scale green hydrogen production facility in the Lansdown eco-industrial area in North Queensland.

The hydrogen purchased from Edify would supplement QPM’s gas supply.

This memorandum of understanding is in addition to an agreement previously reached with Edify regarding the potential solar energy supply of the solar power plant proposed by Edify Majors Creek to the Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) project.

The agreements demonstrate QPM’s commitment to making the TECH project a world leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmarks for the production of critical battery metal.

Improve green references

QPM Managing Director Dr Stephen Grocott said: “Our working relationship with Edify is a demonstration of two Australian companies working together to build business relationships using sustainable practices.

“Any opportunity that we have to improve the ecological benchmarks of the TECH project is something that we have to consider and evaluate and the use of hydrogen is just another of those opportunities.

“The opportunity to work with a leading sustainable energy producer such as Edify is a bonus and a delight. “

Synergistic relationship

Edify Energy Managing Director John Cole added, “The synergistic relationship we have with QPM is a great example of how a low-carbon and advanced manufacturing ecosystem can be achieved.

“We believe this creates a blueprint locally and more broadly across the region.

“The ambition of the TECH project for green certification is admirable, and a sign of the zero-emission supply chain model towards which all exporters will have to move.

“Edify is very happy to work closely with QPM and to be able to offer carbon-free energy and industrial process inputs creating a circular economy in our co-located operations. “

Terms of Memorandum of Understanding

Under the MOU, Edify will provide QPM with:

➢ 100,000 gigajoules equivalent per year of pure and green hydrogen;

➢ 4.2 x 106 Nm3 gaseous oxygen; and

➢ Up to approximately 4000 kL of wastewater.

Mutually beneficial

This mutually beneficial relationship, underpinned by co-location in the Lansdown eco-industrial area, offers benefits to both parties.

The advantages include:

➢ Edify receives a customer base to support the development of the hydrogen plant;

➢ Edify produces oxygen as a by-product, which can be used by QPM in the acid regeneration part of its treatment schedule, instead of oxygen being an unused by-product; and

➢ The wastewater will be sold to QPM at competitive rates, which can be used by QPM in its treatment plant.


Edify is a leading Australian renewable energy and storage company with a diverse and rapidly expanding portfolio of assets.

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