Nutraceutical International Corp. sets high standards of partnership


Nutraceutical International Corporation said it was doing just that, from ingredient sourcing and supply chain, to highlighting purpose, diversity and inclusion.

“We think sustainability is extremely important today and we are committed to giving back to Earth what we take from it. This is something that is extremely important to us as humans, as company employees, and to our brands, for what our consumers expect from us. As such, we are proud to partner with OneTree Planted which allows us to plant a million trees in countries like Malaysia, India where there is a ton of pollution from where we get in makes a large part of our raw materials. We wanted to plant trees that bear fruit, which also help people and farmers, not just the environment, which help people economically by planting trees on their farmland. We are also committed to using all of the square footage we have in our manufacturing facility here in Ogden to install solar panels. We are committed to using as much recycled packaging as possible. These are all initiatives of which we are really proud and of which our teams are proud. And we will continuethis is just the start for us. We’re going to do a ton more ”,said Monty Sharma, CEO of Nutraceutical International Corporation.

To learn more about Nutraceutical International Corporation’s initiatives and why Sharma says the company has a reputation for being difficult to work with, listen to NutraCast.

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