Lumina Details New Post-COVID Standard for US Online Probiotics Market


The dedicated US report predicts the probiotics ecommerce channel to invest an additional 15% in 2021 worth $ 664 million as more than 40 probiotic players operate in a cutthroat online retail environment where critics 5 stars increasingly determine the brand. Success.

Lumina predicts continued strong growth for the United States, which by 2021 will be roughly double the size of the next largest market, China.

The pandemic’s push towards digital commerce means that a quarter of all probiotic supplement sales in the United States are now happening online. But there is plenty of room to grow if the market is to match rates in the UK, China and Taiwan, where 35% to 60% of sales are made through online sales channels like Amazon and TMall, and on local and specialized e-merchants.

Lumina’s in-depth 64-slide US market analysis analyzes more than 40 probiotic players large, small and private, scrambling for positive exposure and reviews on the products that increasingly determine the brand’s success and customer loyalty.

Enter the global probiotics epicenter

It details the most popular probiotic strains and the shrink band of most of the major companies that supply them, the science and regulations that define and refine product marketing and formulations, demographic breakdowns (including pets). ) as well as the changes influenced by COVID in the e-commerce landscape.

“This report examines new healthcare applications, new strains, new research, new products and M&A activity in the world’s leading online probiotics market. “said Lumina’s director of ideas, Ewa Hudson.

“The US market is located at the epicenter of the world and is growing in all directions, with high satisfaction rates from online shoppers and good sales growth thanks to small barriers to entry facilitated by the giants of the industry. e-commerce. “

The report also describes:

  • Unique insights into COVID-19 from a Lumina survey of top leaders of probiotic companies.
  • How small e-merchants like Target and Walmart as well as bespoke branded e-commerce sites are innovating to compete with the power of Amazon.
  • Product differentiation and online marketing strategies in the emerging and traditional health conditions of giants like DSM / Culturelle at Nestlé’s Garden of Life and upstart disruptors like Olly and Physician’s Choice.
  • How probiotic gamers engage with legacy and social media.
  • What strains appear in most products and how they are rated by consumers online.
  • The evolution of the distribution system, exposure and their impact on efficiency.
  • The new wave of curious immunity consumers COVID has brought into the probiotic realm.

“There has never been a better time to check out what’s happening in the marketplace that inspires product and format trends for the global industry when strategically planning for the next move. ” said Hudson.

Access the report here.

Image courtesy of Lumina Intelligence

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