Huel Supplement Review – The 100% Vegan Meal Replacement Made From Real Foods


Can Huel Meal Replacement Provide Everything You Need To Be Fit And Healthy?

After trying several meal replacement supplements, I can offer my honest review of the quality of Huel meal replacement supplements. Pro Tip: It is always recommended that you include a complete nutritional supplement in your arsenal.

Huel means “human fuel” and it is in fact the name of the British company (Huel) which created the flagship meal replacement, Huel.

The company was created with one mission in mind, which was to provide a complete nutritional supplement of quality while respecting the environment. Nutritionist James Collier played an important role in the development of Huel, and so far it has been a big hit with everyone from all walks of life.

Huel Starter Kit Box

Huel products range from Ready Drink shakes to powders, accessories and even “flavor boost” sachets for meal replacement. If you prefer gluten free, they have that too.

Here is the review of the Huel meal replacement product that is supposed to be worth the hype; whereas it contains a powerful punch of all the necessary nutrients.

We’ll start with the pros and cons to give you an idea of ​​what to look out for if you’re considering Huel for your own goals.

Benefits of Huel Meal Replacement

  • Decent taste
  • Lots of essential nutritional value
  • Great for anyone

Cons of Huel Meal Replacement

  • Artificial ingredients (if you mind)
  • Gums can cause digestive discomfort
  • Purchase of two bags
  • Slightly grainy

Nutritional breakdown of Huel

If you love nutrient-dense meal replacements, then you’ll love Huel. The big reason I decided to give it a try was the incredible supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals (essential for an active lifestyle).

Huel ingredients
Huel ingredients

Huel recommends using 3 scoops of powder, which equals 500 calories (not necessary for everyone). One serving contains approximately 37 grams of protein, 47 grams of carbohydrate, and 16 grams of fat (no cholesterol).

This is a huge amount from each macronutrient and again, not necessary for everyone depending on your goals. However, it’s a great replacement for a full meal, leaving hardly anything behind.

The abundance of vitamins and minerals included in the Huel product is a fantastic addition to a great product. Huel made sure to include 80% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C quantity, which is very important for immune health. You will also get 40% Magnesium and other essential minerals.

Huel contains a good source of choline (25% per serving), which is an essential nutrient that is very similar in structure to vitamin B complex. It is necessary to consume a sufficient amount through the diet and is also important for the health of the brain, healthy nerves, muscles. muscles and liver. (1)

What’s really cool about Huel is the additional facts included on the label with information on Omega 3 (3.6g), Omega 6 (4.1g) and Medium Chain Triglycerides (1.4g) per serving.

Huel Real Food Ingredients

You already know that Huel’s mission is to provide true sources of food for their meal replacement supplements. These include Ultra Fine Oats, Brown Rice Protein, Pea Protein, Flaxseed, and Coconut MCTs.

Huel Starter Kit - Includes 2 nutritionally complete 100% vegan powder meal packets, spoon, shaker and booklet
Huel Starter Kit – Includes 2 nutritionally complete 100% vegan powder meal packets, spoon, shaker and booklet

Now I was happy to see that the first ingredients on the package were good plant-based food sources. These ingredients look quite different from your average meal replacement, but being a vegan alternative it’s fantastic!

Besides the real food sources, there are of course artificial ingredients to make the product palatable (stevia and sucralose) due to the fact that Huel is a protein of plant origin. Now, most people don’t like artificial flavors, but my palette might not be that picky.

Benefits and uses of Huel

Huel is ideal for anyone who considers that we all need a consistent and appropriate diet. Whether you are a bodybuilder, track runner or doctor… you can benefit from Huel’s complete nutritional profile. If you are active, you need to make sure that you are getting enough essential vitamins and minerals to replace what you lose during your activities.

With 37 grams of protein and 47 grams of carbohydrate per serving, you will get enough protein to build and maintain muscle mass. Complex carbohydrates from “real foods” will provide the fuel sources you need to keep moving at your desired pace.

High intensity activity without proper nutrition will leave you in a position of compromised health and performance.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids that we need for good brain health. A balance of the two is essential because too much omega 6 is dangerous and we generally need more omega 3 to protect the joints and heart while promoting a good mood. (2)

So with all of Huel’s great nutritional benefits, it was obvious to give it a try.

Huel Price

For $ 75, you get 28 servings with Huel, which works out to about $ 2.68 per serving which is very reasonable considering the quality of the real food in the product.

It’s handy and you also get a shaker bottle and a booklet which is pretty neat. The only downside is that a lot of people might not want to buy both bags of meal replacement powder. Other than that the price is really not bad considering that Huel is a very good meal alternative.

Huel meal replacement

Huel meal replacement: If you’re a health-conscious person who wants a vegan alternative to your standard dairy-based meal replacement, look no further than Huel.


My opinion on the taste of Huel

This is where a lot of people differ. I’m a vanilla fan (plus I wanted to try the chocolate flavor boost) so I picked it up for the review. The flavor was decent enough to drink but not the best (it’s a plant based meal replacement). You get a slightly nutty flavor with the aroma of vanilla, so if you like Stevia and Splenda, you’ll be okay with the taste.

Huel - a vegan meal replacement
Huel – a vegan meal replacement

The chocolate boost was actually just that. A cocoa flavor boost with artificial ingredients to give it a touch of chocolate flavor (not quite an entirely chocolate flavor).

Vanilla, Unsweetened Unflavored, Gluten Free Vanilla, and Unflavored Gluten Free are the options you can choose from, so it really depends on your personal preference.

Flavor boosting options include chocolate, strawberry, banana, chocolate mint, mocha, apple and cinnamon, caramel, and chia (the options are pretty good).

Overall the taste is doable and you can mix it with other things too for more flavor.

My opinion on the Huel meal replacement

Product quality – 9/10

When it comes to ingredients, Huel deserves a 5 but considering the artificial ingredients, the rating is justified. Huel has a great nutrient, vitamin and mineral profile so it’s amazing in that regard.

Calories, protein, carbs, and fat are great for macronutrients and omega 3 and 6 were a great addition to the product. That being said, it’s a great nutritionally complete meal replacement option.

Taste – 8.5 / 10

Not bad for an herbal supplement, but a lot of people also complain about the flavor. It’s a subjective question, but the chocolate boost can make it more enjoyable. The nutty flavor with the aroma of vanilla and other artificial sweeteners is not for everyone. The flavor options as mentioned earlier are unsweetened, unsweetened, unsweetened vanilla, and unflavored gluten-free.

Mixability – 7/10

You can shake it and drink it well, but it just leaves a little sand. The texture is fine but again you can mix it up with other things to get a decent texture. Although it’s not super lumpy or anything like that.

Final thoughts

Was Huel impressive enough to meet my expectations for a complete, nutritionally capable meal replacement? Regarding the quality and services of Huel, it was more than satisfactory and met my expectations.

As mentioned before, the taste was decent and a lot of people would agree that there could be some improvement there. Huel does a good job of meeting all of your nutritional value needs and it’s a great meal replacement supplement.

If you’re a health-conscious person who wants a vegan alternative to your standard dairy-based meal replacement, look no further than Huel. However, it might not be for everyone, but there is a lot to be gained by at least trying it!

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Huel supplement review


  • Decent taste
  • Lots of essential nutritional value
  • Great for anyone


  • Artificial ingredients (if you mind)
  • Gums can cause digestive discomfort
  • Purchase of two bags

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  • Efficiency
  • Taste
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