Hilma Indoor/Outdoor Support Herbal Supplement Review


As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, there’s nothing more uplifting than enjoying the outdoors in spring. Unfortunately, I face very serious allergies. From constant sneezing and a stuffy nose to watery eyes and feeling irritated and itchy, spring allergies are the bane of my existence. Instead of enjoying the good weather, I barricade myself inside to protect myself from pollen and freshly cut grass. It’s not like I can carry an air purifier around with me in the great outdoors. Although I love the outdoors, I can understand that the love unfortunately isn’t reciprocated. After hearing about Hilma’s Indoor/Outdoor Support Herbal Supplement ($30), I jumped at the chance to give it a try. It provides daily sinus support for common irritants like pollen and dust.

I have a fleet of medications to help me through my dreaded springtime allergies – Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra, Benedryl, etc. I’ve probably tried it. Some of them don’t work for me at all, and some help me a lot. But there’s still one side effect that almost outweighs the benefits: drowsiness. Hilma’s indoor/outdoor support herbal supplement is a non-drowsy solution to sinus irritation. It contains four research-backed herbal ingredients: nettles, PA-free butterbur, Tinospora, and spirulina. The brand’s site claims that nettles provide daily sinus support for common irritants like pollen and dust; butterbur helps with sinus function and response, especially around the nasal passage; Tinospora helps the overall immune system stimulate macrophages that help the body respond to seasonal transitions; and spirulina helps promote clear breathing and overall sinus support. It’s clean, gluten-free and vegan too!

The instructions say to take two capsules twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for a total of four capsules a day. These pills are bigger so I like to take them with a giant sip of water. For the first few weeks I took two in the morning before my tea or coffee and two just before bed. To really test them, I took them without my other allergy medications. From the first day of using the supplements, I noticed a subtle but rapid change. My eyes weren’t watery and my nose wasn’t irritated or stuffy. In fact, I barely had to sneeze all day. I can breathe easier and enjoy the outdoors without constantly feeling itchy and irritated. It was like a normal day without dealing with allergies and irritants as well as drowsiness. The herbal supplements really kept my allergy symptoms at bay. I was really shocked at how well it worked, and that too compared to the leading over-the-counter allergy medications.

Now that I knew these supplements worked, I wanted to test if I really needed to take four a day and if it was something I could take when needed rather than on a programmed diet to reap the benefits. profits. I usually have daytime rather than nighttime allergies, so for about a week or two I only took two capsules in the morning and none in the evening. The results were pretty much the same. It decreased the feeling of irritation and congestion caused by spring allergies. I was even able to skip days when I didn’t feel any allergy symptoms in general. Based on this, I would say that you can take Hilma Indoor/Outdoor herbal supplements on an as needed basis rather than as part of a daily regimen.

If you suffer from spring allergies or dust allergies, Hilma Indoor/Outdoor herbal supplement will help you breathe much clearer throughout the year. These work for me just as well as over-the-counter medications. They are perfect for those looking for a non-drowsy alternative to lessen the feeling of congestion and general irritation in your surroundings.


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