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Gorillas love, laugh, cry and rage like humans. Gorillas and humans have been scientifically shown to share 98% of the same genetic information. However, there is a strange way that gorillas are not the same as humans. Doctors share a shocking gorilla tip for bladder and prostate problems that delivers solid urine flow in much less time. Science shows that male gorillas do not suffer from prostate problems with age, unlike humans who suffer from such problems after they reach a certain age.

Nowadays, most men, over 90% of the American population, over the age of 40 develop prostate problems. This problem has long been addressed by men who take a toll on their health and pride.

To bring a solution to the table, scientists have formulated a new naturally occurring supplement for treat inflammation of the prostate and solve the urinary problem. Additionally, this natural supplement may give a better response to prostate health, making men more sexually active.

Understanding the prostate:

To understand this urological complication in elderly men, it is essential to know the prostate. In men, the prostate is located precisely below the bladder and borders the urinary tube which drains urine from the bladder. Among other functions, it produces the seminal fluid that makes up semen and helps regulate urine flow.

With age, most men suffer from prostate problems due to the increase in the size of the prostate glands, which partially blocks the urinary tube carrying urine from the bladder.

Typical symptoms of an enlarged prostate include:

  • the recurring urge to urinate, including waking up several times during the night with the desire to urinate,
  • urine runoff,
  • pain or burning sensation when urinating, and
  • painful ejaculation, etc.

Typical treatment involves the use of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT consumption can reduce inflammation of the prostate, and this may be beneficial for some men. However, it is generally linked to male pattern baldness. Therefore, most of the people are skeptical about using this treatment, and also, the effectiveness varies from person to person.

The causes:

Dr. Andrew Goldstein of UCLA has established a link between prostate growth and inflammation. Scientists also claim that estrogenic inflammation is the real cause of prostate problems.

All men have high estrogen levels in their bodies, and similarly all women have low testosterone levels. With age, estrogen levels increase in men and testosterone levels decline.

In most men, this happens due to the excessive consumption of aromatase, an enzyme linked to the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Environmental factors also contribute to the increase in aromatase levels. Recent studies from the Watershed Institute at the University of Wisconsin have shown that our bodies are inundated with many man-made chemicals that promote the feminization of men. Compounds like atrazine, a herbicide used on farms that grow fruits and vegetables, parabens found in personal hygiene products like shampoo, sunscreen, moisturizers and plastics used to make bottles and Tupperware contributes to the rapid conversion of testosterone levels in men.

Estrogen is a female hormone, and as its levels increase in the male body, the immune system tries to fight it off, seeing it as a “foreign body”. Our body uses immune cells to destroy these foreign bodies through inflammation. When the body uses inflammation to fight estrogen, it also spreads to the prostate. When this inflammation lasts too long, the prostate begins to grow, partially blocking the urinary tract and suffocating the bladder. This is why there is a frequent urge to pee, and when that happens, it’s just dribbling.

What is Gorilla Flow?

To combat this estrogenic inflammation, scientists have turned to the alpha male gorilla for an answer. Gorillas are found to eat a certain kind of cherry, called ‘Gorilla cherry ‘which helps them maintain a healthy prostate. It is found in parts of Africa.

The makers of Gorilla Flow use this secret formula and other natural ingredients to fight estrogenic inflammation and thereby solve the prostate problem.

Gorilla Flow Ingredients

Gorilla Cherry: The main compound found in this cherry is a phytosterol, which has three main functions: blocking aromatase, fighting inflammation, and blocking estrogen. Its scientific name is Prunus Africana and has a long history in Africa in the treatment of prostate cancer. Additionally, bark extract is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate. Its use also reduces nocturia and helps you sleep better at night.

Pumpkin Seed Extract: Pumpkin seeds are extraordinarily effective in treating an overactive bladder. This compound reduces the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) and improves urine flow.

Saw palmetto extract: This is a type of palm tree that contains anti-inflammatory phytosterols and helps reduce BPH symptoms and improves nighttime urination. It also helps increase virility and improve sexual health.

Nettle extract: It is a rare herb that helps block the conversion of estrogen in the male body. It also contains anti-inflammatory phytosterols to help improve prostate health. Thus, it helps in treating urinary tract symptoms and improving masculinity.

Boron: It is an essential trace element and estrogen blocker, and it also increases testosterone levels in the body.

Lycopene: It is a nutrient found in fruits and red vegetables such as tomatoes. According to published scientific studies, more lycopene means less estrogen, which reduces prostate enlargement.

Gorilla Flow pricing

The use of Gorilla Flow thus improves urinary and prostate health. It mainly reduces the urge to urinate frequently at night, strengthens urine flow, improves sexual health, and improves masculinity. It should be taken twice a day and is in the form of a capsule that is easy to swallow.

This product may be ordered online exclusively on the official website. Quantity and price vary from

  • Basic package: 1 bottle at $ 69 + $ 8.95 shipping
  • Popular package: 3 bottles at $ 177 with free shipping
  • Best value package: 6 bottles at $ 294 with free shipping

The website offers 60 days with a 100% money back guarantee. For ordering, there is an online form to fill out entering personal information such as name, address and cell phone number, and the package should arrive within 5 business days.

Last word:

Gorilla Flow is a natural supplement intended for improve bladder health by strengthening urine flow, reducing the urge to pee and improving prostate health by improving virility and libido in men. It can only be ordered online from its official website, which offers a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

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