Formula shortage scares mothers who depend on it


Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – As supply chain issues continue in the United States, some stores are now struggling to keep infant formula in stock.

This shortage has yet to hit the lake area, but many mothers who rely on formula milk fear what will happen.

Whether it is a supplement for their child or foods made exclusively with formula milk, the thought of not being able to find their child’s formula is scary. And it’s not that easy to change brands.

“With the fact that she has to drink this type of formula, it’s really like a really big fear,” said Anzlie Farris of her daughter’s formula.

Farris says his daughter suffers from a medical condition and uses a specific type and brand of formula.

“We had to go through a number of different formulas to finally find the right one for him,” said Farris. “And so, the shortage would really affect us, because with it, she can only drink a certain type of formula.”

Dr. David Wallace says that some babies’ nutritional status depends on how they handle and absorb nutrients.

“If a baby has a cow’s milk protein allergy or a soy allergy, Nutramigen is the only one they can really tolerate,” Dr. Wallace said. “Or if they have lactose intolerance, they won’t be able to take a formula with high levels of lactose.”

Taylor Bjorklund says she relies on formula because she couldn’t breastfeed.

“This concerns me because the formula is already very expensive,” said Bjorklund. “Like what she drinks, it’s almost $ 40 a can. And I already have to go to specific stores to find it.

Bjorklund says getting ready now is the best of times.

“You see a lot of things going on in America right now, and it’s not like affecting part of Louisiana right now. But it can happen, and people should really take it into account and prepare, ”Bjorklund said.

It appears infant formula shortages have yet to hit southwest Louisiana, but Walgreen’s says demand for infant formula is growing faster than suppliers can meet orders.

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