Exabel and MedMine announce collaboration resulting in new Insights platform


LONDON, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Exabel, the alternative data analytics platform for investment teams, and MedMine, a leading source of medical device and hospital supplies supply data, are delighted to announce a partnership that includes the creation of the MedMine Insights platform. the MedMine information platform will give portfolio managers and hedge funds additional insights based on medical product purchase data from MedMine. The platform provides user-friendly dashboards, visualizations, KPI monitoring capabilities and allows investors to spot trend changes in MedMine medical equipment data. The partnership with Exabel provides alternative data providers with an attractive additional layer of presentation and monitoring that investors appreciate, using Exabel’s unique Al analytics, financial modeling and data science platform.

The MedMine Insights platform is part of Exabel’s growing partner program. The platform allows data providers to to discover new value-added information in their datasets, to prove added value for potential customers, and deliver a proven new Insights product that appeals to a broad group of professional investors. Through the partnership with Exabel, MedMine customers can now leverage alternative data much more easily and quickly to drive actionable insights.

Sourced from thousands of healthcare providers nationwide, MedMine is a leading source of medical device and hospital supplies procurement data and a provider of healthcare analytics and informatics. The company provides medical device and hospital supply companies, health plans, investors and other healthcare market participants with information and tools that enable them to make informed business decisions that unlock opportunities and empower them. a competitive advantage.

Neil ChapmanCEO of Exabel commented: “We are delighted to partner with the market leader in the dynamic alternative data medical products industry. The widespread use of alternative data is gradually pervading the investment landscape, in terms of investor profile and concentration. geographically, but also with respect to the industrial sector. Where consumer products and retail have always been the dominant sectors of the space, healthcare is increasingly becoming one of the areas where the demand for data is the highest.

“Today, most investors want to use alternative data, but many find the cost and complexity of in-house data modeling prohibitively burdensome. Exabel enables active managers to instantly benefit from alternative data, delivered on a platform -specially designed technological form, to complement the fundamental strategies.

“We look forward to working with MedMine to create and demonstrate actionable insights into its data. Dashboards, intelligent filtering of KPI prediction models published by MedMine, and the company’s exploration tools are among the many features that our easy-to-use SaaS platform can offer.”

Dale Shivnarain from MedMine commented: “Providing accessible and actionable data is a cornerstone of MedMine’s mission. Partnering with Exabel through the Insights platform provides an invaluable tool to achieve this goal. It provides our customers with a streamlined process for interacting with data sets. highly complex data in order to evaluate, analyze and implement various investment strategies. From idea generation to backtesting a strategy, the Insights platform is the right tool to take advantage of the informational advantage provided by MedMine data.”

About Exabel

Exabel is an analytics platform for any investment professional who wants to benefit from alternative data and modern data science tools in their investment process. It responds to a growing need in the financial markets: while the use of data – including fundamental, market, proprietary and alternative data – is essential for asset managers, the modeling of this data internally has become excessive consumption of time and resources for all but the oldest. investment firms. Exabel’s SaaS platform allows discretionary managers to complement their fundamental strategies with more data-driven techniques. It’s the missing piece that allows investment teams to immediately benefit from alternative data. Exabel is currently experiencing rapid growth after raising $22.7 million and grew the team to 35 employees with further hiring underway.

About MedMine

Founded in 2013 by a seasoned team of healthcare professionals with decades of experience in academia, industry and financial services, MedMine is a leading provider of medical device and supply chain data. hospital supplies. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge healthcare information, data analytics and consulting services. We provide medical device and hospital supply companies, health plans, investors and other healthcare market participants with information and tools that enable them to make informed business decisions that unlock opportunity and deliver advantage. competitive.


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