Empire City at ‘critically’ low drinking water levels as demand outstrips supply


EMPIRE, Colo. — The city of Empire is warning residents of potential disruptions to their water service as its treatment plant struggles to meet demand.

In a news release Saturday, city officials warned residents to be prepared for intermittent water loss and low pressure, with residents at higher elevations expected to see greater water pressure loss. ‘water.

The City of Clear Creek County’s water treatment facility is unable to produce enough clean water to meet demand and is at critically low levels, the statement said. Some residents and businesses Sunday morning were reporting no water.

Officials said the water supply to the facility, Madd Creek, is too low and a suspected water leak, which crews are trying to locate, is compounding the problems. The city is working to increase the water intake to the creek and to supplement water from the plant.

In the meantime, the city has ordered a 1,000-gallon water truck for residents to fill containers with, which will be parked at Theobold Park and available daily starting Sunday during business hours. Additionally, crews moved a 2,000-gallon fuel truck into the Empire Fire Station.

Empire officials said the city has worked over the years to improve the system and secure multiple water sources. A new well is expected to be operational later this year.

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