Crazy Nutrition Ultimate CRN-5 Creatine Supplement Review


Crazy Nutrition is a reputable company that makes bodybuilding supplements for those who like to work out, gain muscle, and stay healthy.

Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 Formula is formulated with 5 types of creatine and electrolytes used as a pre-workout supplement to increase your recovery time, improve muscle strength, and increase your energy stores, regardless of type of exercise. workout you do.

We will discuss more information about the CRN-5 formula, how it works, its ingredients, the benefits of using the formula, side effects, pricing, consumer reviews, and the refund policy.

What is CRN-5?

CRN-5 is a creatine dietary supplement that iCrazy Nutrition manufactures. Although it only comes in one flavor (orange-mango), it packs a punch with its unique healthy blend of 5 types, including creatine monohydrate, creatine hydrochloride, tri-creatine malate, creatine ethyl ester and creatine pyruvate.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can take advantage of CRN-5 during your pre-workout routine.

How does Crazy Nutrition’s CRN-5 work?

Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 is a pre-workout creatine supplement that you consume at least 30 minutes before a high-intensity workout. The steps for using CRN-5 are as follows:

  • Mix a spoonful of powder with 16 ounces of water. Mix it in a glass of water or shake it in a mixing bottle containing a metal shaker.
  • Drink and enjoy the supplement 30 minutes before your workout.
  • Feel the results of your performance and strength improve as you train.

Whether you’re training at the gym, strength training, running outdoors, doing CrossFit, or doing resistance training, CRN-5 works in several ways to improve your workout performance. , preserve your muscles and improve your energy.

Increase your strength

Creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl ester are responsible for improved muscle strength to lift more weight and have greater endurance during your workout routine. CRN-5 helps preserve your muscles so that you can keep them strong and repair them properly between workouts.

Hydrates you

The electrolytes included in CRN-5 help rehydrate your body so you can recover from your workout faster. Whether it’s a low-intensity or high-intensity workout, you won’t feel as tired or sweaty while consuming CRN-5 due to the premium electrolytes included in its powdered formula.

Improves recovery time

Your recovery time is improved when using CRN-5. Since creatine in the brain decreases as you exercise, fueling your body with CRN-5 will quickly restore the creatine you need to recover from all your activities.

Boosts your ATP energy

Creatine pyruvate is responsible for giving you ATP synthesis and energy during your workout. ATP energy is a chemical found in your cells from food and drink. The ATP energy you receive from consuming CRN-5 will help you finish your workout, and any excess ATP will be stored for later exercise.

What are the ingredients in CRN-5?

The ingredients in CRN-5 help you stay hydrated, increase your strength, productivity, and workout performance, increase your energy, and improve recovery time.

The ingredients of CRN-5 include:

  • Trisodium citrate
  • Aquamine mg
  • Aquamin Ag
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Creatine hydrochloride
  • Ethyl ester of creatine
  • Creatine pyruvate
  • Tri-creatine malate

Trisodium citrate

Tr-sodium citrate, or more simply known as sodium citrate, is the main ingredient responsible for rehydrate your body during your workout in addition to all other included electrolytes. It’s a mild alkaline ingredient that keeps you hydrated.


There are two types of Aquamin in the CRN-5 formula: Aquamin Mg and Aquamin Ag.

Aquamin Mg improves the bioavailability of the powdered creatine supplement by using marine magnesium and 72 other minerals noted to boost the amount of magnesium absorbed into your body after a workout. There is 562.50 mg of Aquamin Mg per 10.2 g serving, which is one scoop of the powdered formula.

Aquamin Ag is the source of the calcium minerals in CRN-5. There are 400 mg of Aquamin Ag in each 10.2 g serving.


Creatine Monohydrate helps improve your muscle strength and performance when you do very intense workouts.

Creatine hydrochloride, also known as HCL, helps your body absorb CRN-5 formula quickly for faster results.

Creatine ethyl ester is another performance amplifier much like creatine monohydrate. However, it is different from creatine monohydrate because the ester salts ensure that your body retains less water so that you can take full advantage of the powdered formula.

Creatine pyruvate is a hybrid that mixes creatine and pyruvate acid to increase your ATP synthesis when you consume CRN-5.

Tri-creatine malate contains three molecules of creatine as well as malic acid. Adding malic acid increases the solubility of creatine which is not naturally soluble on its own.

The benefits of CRN-5 from Crazy Nutrition

CRN-5 is formulated with five types of creatine to help with bodybuilding and muscle building. Rather than just one type of creatine, there are five types mixed together to make sure you get the most out of improving your training experience.

Made with a vegetarian formula, you will appreciate its delicious orange mango flavor. The electrolytes in the formula will help you rehydrate after a workout after all the sweat you’ve lost from such intense exercise. Plus, the formula is caffeine-free so you won’t experience an accident after consuming the formula before training.

The benefits of CRN-5 from Crazy Nutrition include:

  • Improves your training performance
  • Intensifies the strength you feel during a workout
  • Rebuilds, repairs and keeps your muscles intact
  • Increase your energy for better performance
  • Absorbs quickly into your body for the fastest results

Side effects of CRN-5

Among the many consumers who have tried and reviewed CRN-5, no side effects were found using the formula. Make sure to use the formula as directed on the package to get the best experience of improving your health and training performance.

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Consumer reviews

Consumers, fitness models and other professionals in the training space regularly support and use CRN-5 during their workout routines.

One Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 A customer named Ryan says this product will help you increase your strength and overall rep count more than ever before in the form of what he considers a blast.

Claire Aves is an IFBB pro figure who swears by CRN-5 because of its delicious taste, the quality of its lump-free blend, and the way its enriched formula gives it strength and energy. necessary to train.

Nick Manning is a fitness model who supports CRN-5 due to its unique formula of 5 types of creatine to achieve the highest quality bodybuilding results. He says the orange-mango flavor is a lot like eating a popsicle.

Prices and discounts on CRN-5

If you want to make a one-time purchase to try CRN-5, a jar will cost $ 29.99. Remember, you will need to pay a nominal shipping charge if your order is $ 50 or less.

You can do the subscribe and register option to get a lower price per jar of CRN-5 over time. Select the number of times you train per week and you’ll be matched with the right subscription and savings plan based on how often you train.

For example, if you train four times a week (this is the most common workout model chosen by consumers), you will receive a bath every two months for $ 23.99 instead of the $ 29.99. usual that you would have to pay if you made one. buying time. This is a savings of 20% just by subscribing to receive regular CRN-5 shipments.

If you work out daily, you will receive a tub for $ 23.99 per month. Therefore, you are in control of your workout schedule and the amount of creatine supplement that you will need for your body to be pumped up and built.

Refund policy

Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 is backed by a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see the results you want from CRN-5, you can request a full refund to obtain a Return Authorization Number from customer service and must be included on the package address label.

Contact the business within 30 days of your initial purchase by phone or email to:

Conclusion of this CRN-5 review

Crazy Nutrition’s 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you will enjoy the enhanced training experience when consuming the CRN-5 Creatine Supplement. Feel your body build up in strength and energy when you take the supplement before each workout. You won’t regret trying Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 because it will transform your overall health and the way you exercise.

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