Aclivia Launches Premium Health Supplements In United States Amid Growing Demand During Pandemic


BRUNSWICK EAST, NJ, February 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled demand for health supplements around the world. People are taking more and more nutrition and supplements on a daily basis to improve their immunity and overall health. According to statistics, industry is growing at a CAGR of 7.4% and is expected to reach USD 29.40 billion by 2027.

Given the growing demand for food and health supplements, Aclivia launches into the United States providing consumers with the highest quality, locally produced nutritional supplements. You can buy top quality supplements for digestive health, immune health, weight management, and general health by visiting our website to lead a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

Aclivia’s official spokesperson, Himanshu Patel, shared the goal of launching the brand:

ACLIVIA is a combination of two principles: ACTIVE and LIFE. We are focused on providing consumers with the best NUTRITION at affordable prices to help them live ACTIVE AND HEALTHY LIVES. We want to please our consumers and support those who need it. To achieve this goal, the percentage of every dollar spent on any of our products will go to established initiatives that support the nutrition of children and families in developing countries. When our consumers choose ACLIVIA, they are creating healthy lives for themselves and for disadvantaged communities.

Unlike other supplement companies, we won’t pretend that our products can work wonders. Instead, we’ll focus on the real nutritional benefits and well-being they create.

All Aclivia products are manufactured in the United States and benefit from the following advantages:

  • FDA registered facility to follow high standards
  • Third-party lab tested for purity, potency and contamination
  • GMP certified installation to guarantee safety standards
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Aclivia supplements are best for anyone looking to improve their immune system, energy levels, mental health, emotional health, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping on the above orders $ 35. For more details or to purchase dietary supplements, visit the website:

Media contact:
Himanshu Patel
[email protected]
+1 (844) 422-5484

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